The Ass (assplastic) wrote,
The Ass

Capitalism, Computers, and Porn

Capitalism, computers, and porn are beautiful things. Because of how easy computers make film production, anyone with a camera and a Macintosh can make a porno. Because of this, lots of people are making them, thus making a market that is high in competition. They always have to one up eachother, or at least keep up. So it seems most home made porns have similar actions in them. For example, most video's and pics on the internet involve anal. While i'm pretty sure anal has been around forever, it seems that in porn it's become the standard. Also, i notice lately there have been more shots of guys holding girls heads down while the girl deep throats the guy. When she can't take it, she forces her head off the cock, and smiles like being choked just a little bit is no problem (keeping alive the male fantasy that a girl will do anything for your pleasure).

What I wonder is, as there is more and more sex on TV, when porn becomes much less taboo, will this rise in these particular sexual acts in porn happen in the real world too? Will it be easier to get girls to do anal, or deep throating? Will lesbianism become more of a recreational thing for guys to watch? I know all of this has been happening forever, but i just wonder if it will stop even being taboo, something you talk about in the way you talk about your last date. It seems like everyone I know likes talking about porn when it comes up, especially girls. Part of the fun is that it is a taboo subject, but I wonder if will happen more and more openly in the future. Cause I think it would be pretty damned cool if I could talk to chicks about porn and anal and deep throating without them being weirded out, or acting weirded out because they think they should be.

Or maybe I just really wanna do a girl in the butt.
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