The Ass (assplastic) wrote,
The Ass


few things make me happier than butts. smacking them, smelling them, rubbing, holding, slipping a finger in, wanted or unwanted, the tightness of the anus, it just seems to keep contracting no matter what. and licking, oh my god, licking. the taste of ass is perfect, bitter. i could lick ass all day, and i'm sure i have. the smack is satisfying, the jiggle of flesh being interrupted and put back into place. the red handprint that proves you were there. the position of helplessness as she is laid across your lap. sometimes an unwilling ass is better, when you're eating her out and you put a finger slowly up her butt, wet from her own horniness, and though she may protest at first, the waves of orgasm drown the protest, and she can't help but say, yes, she came with something in her ass.

what most porn forgets is the ritual. the ritual is where hotness lies. the convincing. the choosing of lubricant (her saliva on my cock and my saliva on her butt? ky jelly? crisco?). the professional posture she assumes as the but lube is swirled around her pooper. the inserting of fingers as you comfort her. the resistance your dick feels at first. the acceptance, the SLOWNESS of it. the romance of kissing juxtaposed against the rudeness of fucking up the butt. the smell of her ass lingering between your mouths. the desire push and not hurt her causing you to notice every detail, turning it into a fever dream. the desire to hurt her a little. the change on her face from discomfort, to accepting, to restrained, never revealed enjoyment.

But where to put it then, dear reader? for some girls, you keep it in, and spend the heavenly final minutes watching cum leak out her bum. for others, you coat her rump and watch it run down and around her tender, raw little hole. For the braver girl, you sit on top of her, letting it get close to her lips and nose as you coat her face in sperm.

but for those special girls? for those special girls you kneel on the pillow by her face. her eyes are closed as she knows what's coming. you place your dick ever so softly on the cleave of her lips, and rock your hips back and forth, getting her used to it, and where's it's been. you push a little harder, mimicking your previous act as she finally takes in the cock that was just in her ass, her mouth moments away from being a mix of buttlube and jizz.

a woman isn't really a woman till she tastes her own ass.
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