The Ass (assplastic) wrote,
The Ass


Last month I had a really nice Steak and BJ day. Very slow and long beej, with a very good steak.

I also think there needs to be an anal sex related holiday. Not sure what food goes well with buttsex, though. Ideally one could put a plate on her back and eat while plowing away. Though plowing might not be the right word for slow anal. Or maybe it could be an asslicking holiday. I could lick ass for hours. Or maybe it could be based around eating cookies out of ass? That's always fun.

It's been a while since I've spanked a girl in a schoolgirl outfit. Closest I've gotten recently is getting a girl to wear pigtails and a thong with high heels. Nice.

Anyone else put a finger in your girl's butt while she's sleeping?
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