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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
3:15 am
few things make me happier than butts. smacking them, smelling them, rubbing, holding, slipping a finger in, wanted or unwanted, the tightness of the anus, it just seems to keep contracting no matter what. and licking, oh my god, licking. the taste of ass is perfect, bitter. i could lick ass all day, and i'm sure i have. the smack is satisfying, the jiggle of flesh being interrupted and put back into place. the red handprint that proves you were there. the position of helplessness as she is laid across your lap. sometimes an unwilling ass is better, when you're eating her out and you put a finger slowly up her butt, wet from her own horniness, and though she may protest at first, the waves of orgasm drown the protest, and she can't help but say, yes, she came with something in her ass.

what most porn forgets is the ritual. the ritual is where hotness lies. the convincing. the choosing of lubricant (her saliva on my cock and my saliva on her butt? ky jelly? crisco?). the professional posture she assumes as the but lube is swirled around her pooper. the inserting of fingers as you comfort her. the resistance your dick feels at first. the acceptance, the SLOWNESS of it. the romance of kissing juxtaposed against the rudeness of fucking up the butt. the smell of her ass lingering between your mouths. the desire push and not hurt her causing you to notice every detail, turning it into a fever dream. the desire to hurt her a little. the change on her face from discomfort, to accepting, to restrained, never revealed enjoyment.

But where to put it then, dear reader? for some girls, you keep it in, and spend the heavenly final minutes watching cum leak out her bum. for others, you coat her rump and watch it run down and around her tender, raw little hole. For the braver girl, you sit on top of her, letting it get close to her lips and nose as you coat her face in sperm.

but for those special girls? for those special girls you kneel on the pillow by her face. her eyes are closed as she knows what's coming. you place your dick ever so softly on the cleave of her lips, and rock your hips back and forth, getting her used to it, and where's it's been. you push a little harder, mimicking your previous act as she finally takes in the cock that was just in her ass, her mouth moments away from being a mix of buttlube and jizz.

a woman isn't really a woman till she tastes her own ass.
Tuesday, April 18th, 2006
11:02 pm
Last month I had a really nice Steak and BJ day. Very slow and long beej, with a very good steak.

I also think there needs to be an anal sex related holiday. Not sure what food goes well with buttsex, though. Ideally one could put a plate on her back and eat while plowing away. Though plowing might not be the right word for slow anal. Or maybe it could be an asslicking holiday. I could lick ass for hours. Or maybe it could be based around eating cookies out of ass? That's always fun.

It's been a while since I've spanked a girl in a schoolgirl outfit. Closest I've gotten recently is getting a girl to wear pigtails and a thong with high heels. Nice.

Anyone else put a finger in your girl's butt while she's sleeping?
Friday, February 10th, 2006
11:44 pm
Black In The Crack
At work the other night, a very tall black man walked in with a very short white girl. They were very affection, and the friendliest video renters of the evening. They handed me tags for Anchorman, and three interracial butt pornos. It was kind of heartwarming. It was like, sometimes god gets it right and makes sure two people who should be together actually hook up. Let's all make a toast to the two of them and hope he plowed her pooper all night, and followed it up cuddling to Anchorman.
Friday, August 12th, 2005
3:13 am
August is Anal Sex Month
Good Vibrations Says It's One National Holiday Worth Getting Behind
(San Francisco), August 3, 2005

The month of August celebrates the 78th Anniversary of Anal Sex month, which was launched in 1927 with the slogan "Give in to Haste and Remain Chaste," and has been advertised throughout its history with such randy phrases as "It's Better Out Back".

Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D, author of Spectacular Sex — Make Over Your Love Life concludes "During anal sex month, avoid calling anyone an 'asshole,' because that's an insult to all of our beautiful anuses. It's high time we honor our anuses with lots of love, licks, luxurious lubes and loving touch."
Monday, June 27th, 2005
9:25 am
The beautiful lady in my bed has an utterly perfect ass.
Saturday, April 17th, 2004
11:04 am
I've totally put it in girlfriends ass.

So now I guess the challenge is getting her to like it too . . . .
Tuesday, February 24th, 2004
11:48 am
My girlfriend totally shaved her vagina last night. I love life.
Friday, January 30th, 2004
5:07 pm
Some Porn Sites
Here is a small list of some general porn sites I've enjoyed in the past:

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And a list of altporn sites stolen from altporn

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Wednesday, December 17th, 2003
5:22 pm
Anal, Facials, BJs In Public
Over this summer, I finally banged a girl in the butt.

It was . . . amazing. Now I'm even more obsessed with it than I was before. Her sphincter clamped my cock tighter than anything. And licking her asshole was so fucking hot.

To make it better, I came all over her face.

I hope my current gal will get into it. I've put my finger there many a time, and sometimes it gets in a little, and she's never stopped me, so that's good.

Last night, she gave me head in a car in the middle of a city. We almost got caught a few times. I felt like such a badass. She lets me cum on her face too.

Life is good.
Thursday, July 17th, 2003
8:27 pm
The Holy Spirit of Life: "Memo"
by Joe Wenderoth

It is my contention that every member of the Department has, at one time or another, fantasized about sucking a dick. I reckon that some have even done it. I don't think enough is made of this. It isn't that I find the situation troubling — I do not find the situation troubling. In fact, I derive a certain serenity from it all. That is the word that comes to mind — serenity — when I think of someone sucking a dick.

You see . . . my generation, in America, grew up with pornography. We grew up looking at pictures of women—and in that rare special find, even pictures of men—sucking dicks. And there is a certain sort of dick-sucking picture—a certain genre, one might say—that has always interested me. It's the sort where the dick-sucker is looking right into the camera . . . It's portrait, but portrait with dick in mouth.

I recall I had this prissy girlfriend one time . . . and we went over to visit a friend of hers, and this friend was a heroin-addict, and had a heroin-addict room-mate. Well, this room-mate couldn't have been more than 19, and she had clearly lived a hard life; she dressed in the punk fashion and one did not get the impression she was posing. But this one day she was dressed up more in the "trust me, I am mediocre" fashion — perhaps she had had to go to a job interview or something. And my prissy girlfriend says to her: "You look nice . . . " And the young woman replies: "you should see me with a dick in my mouth."

Her comment has always stayed with me. And I have come, finally, to wonder if everyone might look better with a dick in his or her mouth. Perhaps better isn't exactly the right word—perhaps more true, or more serene . . . I don't know. Think, for instance, of that little display case by the Department door — you know, the one with little dickless portraits of all the Department members. If that case was filled instead with dick-sucking portraits, I think it would be nicer, and would more powerfully convey to students exactly who is who.

But why is that? I have been thinking long and hard. What I've come up with is this: you always, in truth, have a dick in your mouth. It is the dick of the god that opened your mouth in the first place; and why did he open it, and why does he hold it open with his dick? It is so that he may come, and he does come—he comes in your mouth. One day you will choke and die from his coming . . . but until that day, be glad of the dick in your mouth. Be glad of its erratic issue. Be glad you are not whole, and not discrete, and not in control of what comes into your mouth. And let the portraits you have taken distinguish you from the discretion at the heart of every devoted mediocrity.

This is so true. A woman looks so beautiful with a dick in her mouth. It just looks right. I imagine the same is true for gay guys.

I think the what makes it so nice is that it gives the impression that the woman seems like all she cares about is getting you off.

And I have no idea why I like cumshots so much. It's like she's taking something of you with her. Some days I look at everyone woman I see and imagine my dick in her mouth. And my cock painting her face with cum. And then her tongue licking it off and swallowing it.
Thursday, July 3rd, 2003
12:33 am
Capitalism, Computers, and Porn
Capitalism, computers, and porn are beautiful things. Because of how easy computers make film production, anyone with a camera and a Macintosh can make a porno. Because of this, lots of people are making them, thus making a market that is high in competition. They always have to one up eachother, or at least keep up. So it seems most home made porns have similar actions in them. For example, most video's and pics on the internet involve anal. While i'm pretty sure anal has been around forever, it seems that in porn it's become the standard. Also, i notice lately there have been more shots of guys holding girls heads down while the girl deep throats the guy. When she can't take it, she forces her head off the cock, and smiles like being choked just a little bit is no problem (keeping alive the male fantasy that a girl will do anything for your pleasure).

What I wonder is, as there is more and more sex on TV, when porn becomes much less taboo, will this rise in these particular sexual acts in porn happen in the real world too? Will it be easier to get girls to do anal, or deep throating? Will lesbianism become more of a recreational thing for guys to watch? I know all of this has been happening forever, but i just wonder if it will stop even being taboo, something you talk about in the way you talk about your last date. It seems like everyone I know likes talking about porn when it comes up, especially girls. Part of the fun is that it is a taboo subject, but I wonder if will happen more and more openly in the future. Cause I think it would be pretty damned cool if I could talk to chicks about porn and anal and deep throating without them being weirded out, or acting weirded out because they think they should be.

Or maybe I just really wanna do a girl in the butt.
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